I should be looking over some stuff for English, and I was before, so I guess it's not as bad, but wow, U-Kiss are really cool, LOL. :D And I still haven't done anything for geography; I don't even have a sheet on what we're meant to be doing. Don't even have my geo book with me. Fuck, we're so screwed.

So I was looking around on Tumblr and found pages devoted to .. more people. LOL.

Key from SHINee looks good with hair like this. But sometimes, omg, he looks so bad.

Dongho (U-Kiss) is so cute here, even though this is from a girl magazine. LOL.

He looks like a girl. :O Open your eyes. And sometimes he looks really bad. And he had this one haircut that looked really bad on him once. Kevin from U-Kiss?

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