Stupid Genvin is signed in on Tumblr on Google Chrome, and fkn, how much does he even use it? And he's only following one person. Anyway, so now I have to sign into Tumblr on Mozilla Firefox, ughh. Cuz I don't wanna have to sign in and out on Google Chrome, that's just annoying. Fricken hell. Not going Grace's today, cuz I don't think my mum's in too good a mood, either feeling sick or kinda pissed off, not sure which or why, and I don't think she would've let me, anyway. As in, I'm practically sure she won't let me.

Things to do today:
1. Wash and hang the washing. (Done)
2. Finish contribution and work on geography assignment, due tomorrow.
3. Study and look over notes and work done in class for English assessment, tomorrow.
4. Cook something for Day Zero Project (I'll make this?). (Done before 3:42pm)
5. Take photos of my room and the stuff I bought yesterday. (Done before 3:42pm)

I'm actually kinda fucked. :S

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