Yeah so like I kinda pissed my friend that I wouldn't really call friend nemore off but I totally understand how and why and yeah, my bad, but okay, haha. Yay, I have rice and curry chicken. I totally feel like something else but I don't know what. Finals night is tonight and all I knew was that Genvin was going, so I was assuming I'd go too. Anyway, so I woke up this morning and I was like Wtf I'm so mega tired, screw Finals Night I'm gonna be way too tired today, but then today was pretty okay, I wasn't even sleepy or anything which was way good, cuz I woke up full tired and everything? And then I got home and asked my mum how Genvin was getting to and from Finals Night, and my dad's gonna drive him and his friends there and he was gonna get a ride off Stephen, but I realised that I don't think my dad's gonna be stopping by the house today? So I don't think I'm going Finals Night nemore. I kinda can't be bothered to go so like I guess it's not that bad, but it'll be fun, I guess. Macarthur Mexicans .. you can't beat it, man. LOL.

Something. I was meant to say something. But I totally don't remember what.

Omg I was thinking in period 6, and omgg I really want a playsuit and/or a tight fitting dress! :O Cuz my cousin made this dress and it's really simple but it's nice and looks really good on her, ughh. If I got like a tight dress, though, I would look really skinny. :S But I want a playsuit. And then you could wear it with like white high tops and even my headphones would match it. Haha. So I really wanna learn to make my own clothes and get a sewing machine and everything, gahhhh, and I wish my hair was longer and nice and not UGLY. LOL. TT" No idea what to wear tmr, btw. I hate mufti's like no joke. :( Oh and Truong test tomorrow on absolute values, and I haven't even started homework. Omg, FML.

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