#005 Go vegetarian for 10 days. (2/10)
Come on, man, I did it for like at LEAST two days, back when I still kept my resolutions LOL. I went to Happy Vegan once, this wasn't a day when I went vegetarian or anything, but I went there and fake meat is really weird. Or maybe the one at Happy Vegan just sucks, but it was weird, man. And the dish I got, the noodles, they were nice and stuff but kinda really salty and .. Idk, the flavour is like 100% MSG or something HAHA. :(

#014 Give a friend an anonymous [birthday] present.
Completed 18th January, 2010
Fucken Vanessa somehow knew it was me, but I didn't even leave my name or anything! No jokes, though, I totally don't know how she knew it was me. She probs just knows me too well, man, LOL. But I didn't even mention it on my blog or anything, so she must've figured out from the present? Newais, so I made my mum drop me off at her place before Truong (and she happened to be at Truong, so I saw her LOL) and I wasn't sure which was her house. And I wasn't sure if she'd see my present! :( But I think she might've figured out it was me cuz like .. I had her address written on my hand and I knew she saw it at tutor, LOL. So maybe that's why. :( BUT STILL, HAHA.

#016 Suprise a friend with a [birthday] present. I don't know if I surprised Vanessa. I should ask her. Haha. :P

#041 Drink 2L of water everyday for 10 days.
Completed Sometime in the summer holidays at the beginning of 2010
Lol of course I did this, man. I drank like 2L+ for like at least a whole week. For like ages. Like I would fill my 600ml Mount Franklin bottle and see how fast I could drink it. And I would do that more than once in a day. LOL.

#062 Talk to and become friends with 15 people I otherwise wouldn't have talked to. (2/15)
This is gonna make me seem soo .. unsocial LOL.
1. Kimberly in year 11. Um, we go to the same ortho and we left at the same time, and she started talking to me cuz we were both walking to the station. She's really nice, haha, and I'd seen her at the station before with like Avi and Christine and stuff? :P

2. Brendan in year 9. Err.. This is like Nicholas' brother .. LOL. I don't even remember when or how I met him, but I saw him in Cabra, and I think it was cuz he knew I liked his brother LOL and he added me on MSN and we were kinda tight for a while. But not really anymoree.

#074 Read 100 books. (1/100)
I read this one book cuz I was desperate to read any book, for English tutor. It was like a self help book and I thought it was really boring, and it's called Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart by like Gordan Livingstone (had to Google it haha) and yeah, it was my sister's. I thought it was boring cuz like I guess the language and stuff is just too intense for me, LOL.

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