gen, i never dance for gdpt. There's always "some reason" i never dance. It's kind of like this girl who never got to play this instrument at the praying ceremony because she had a disability. I'm kind of like that, minus the disability. not in a mean way

LOL. Weeeellll .. Dance! HAHA. Maybe it'll be fun. :P Cuz isn't dancing meant to be like a kinda of celebration; that's what they do when they celebrate and stuff? Hahaha. Cuz it's like, GDPT, you wouldn't really wanna lie to them would you? (Lol maybe you would, cuz I don't really know anything about GDPT LOL, but yeah.) :P

this whole affair thing (km and angela) how did happen and stuff? how did you find out?

Okay, well .. Ugh, he was such a dick, too! He kissed her like on the day right before or after our 7 months. TT" Anyway, so he was gonna break up with me on a Thursday or Friday .. No wait, okay, I think it was like this. He was gonna break up with me on Friday, and then he didn't cuz Angela convinced him not to. Anyway, on the train ride home, Wendy and Angela like .. Wendy said Angela had something she had to tell me, so we went to the guys' carriage so it'd be like more enclosed and stuff, and then she took a while and was kinda .. I could totally tell she didn't want to say. Anyway, Wendy was like, Just tell her! :O And then she's like, Okay, if you don't tell her by the time we get to Casula (cuz I get off at Livo) then I will, and then she told me that KM kissed her on Wednesday, and on the lips, not cheek. I was like, Omg, farout, LOL. Umm, yeah so we were at Truong and passing notes around and stuff, and turns out it was like: Angela and KM were in the same class, right, and then they had PE and were just hanging around and stuff, and then Idk, they were just messing around and Idk like tackling each other or something physical like that LOL and then her lips accidentally brushed his, and then he's like, That's not how you do it, and then he kissed her, and apparently it was behind the toilet blocks at school. Anyway, at the time, I wasn't even pissed, I was just really cut and stuff, and anyway, during the weekend we talked and stuff, and me, Wendy and Eugene were in a group convo and they were trying to help me out, figure out what to say to him and everything, and yeah, I remember KM went to Luna Park with his sister on the weekend and he was thinking things over and everything, and then on Monday morning, he was like, Can I talk to you, and he'd bought me a lollipop from Luna Park, and we went to the art quad and were sitting on the silver seats right near/outside my art room, and he said something like, I've lost that spark for you, I think it'd be best if we broke up, and I'm like, Ugh okay (cuz like, what can I even do about that, hahaha) and then the bell rang, he went to class, I walked back to my group and Wendy was like, How'd it go, you guys break up? :S And I'm like yeah and she hugged me. :)

Haha, I full remember this story in detail, yeah? :I LOL.

dude what happened to your list of wants? those things were interesting

My list of wants? You mean the list that used to be on the sidebar, or the list that I made in a post? Cuz for the ones in the post, I guess you could just go to archives (and I totally understand that my archives are really annoying to navigate, omg, haha) but the list that used to be on my sidebar .. Well, I might make a new Wishlist on my profile page of my blog, but all that stuff is like .. I actually don't really want most of that nemore, haha, but I might make another one soon. :P But omg, I totally realised that like 90% of the things I want are black, LOL, I'm totally getting into black, it's so .. sexy. :D HAHAHA.

When are you going to post a picture of your new room?

Oh, I'm not at home right now, haha, that's all. I'm at Danica's place atm, been here since 11am. Anyway, I'll post a photo .. tomorrow, cos when I get home after tutor, it'll be late, and I don't like taking photos at night cuz then I'll have to use the flash, haha, sorry about that if you're actually really keen on seeing what my room looks like now. :P

What do you think you will be/do in 10 years time?

Man,I don't know, really .. :S I have no idea what I wanna do in uni, but .. 10 years, I'll be around 25. Maybe I should fall in love soon. :( I totally wonder when I'll fall in love and get married .. I was actually thinking about that a few days ago. Like, wouldn't it be so weird when we grow up? I don't wanna grow up! :( Cuz then we'll, like, move out, get a job, finish uni, figure out what we want to do with our lives and actually do it. We'll be so independent and in control of our own lives, like, what if we fuck it up, or something? :S And eventually, when we all get married, we're gonna have kids and everything and .. everything's gonna be so crap when we grow up, man. And we're gonna have to go to everyone's weddings, haha, that's cool but .. Even so, it's such a big step in life. :S :S So yeah, I'm like scared of the future. Scared of HSC, oh my frick. :S :S In 10 years, I'll have a job, maybe move out if things work out I guess. Maybe be in love/be with the person I'll get married to? But omg, I have to be bridesmaids at my friend's weddings, HAHAHAH. :D

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