522 / Aw, Danica

I'm at Danica's house yeah, and I've been here since 10:59am, apparently. Anyway,we've just been hanging around and she got bored and wanted to put lipstick on me, so she did and yeah I wanna get lipstick now HAHAHA, and omg her mum made chips and keke they were nice, yeah? Um, well, Ken came over and drove us to Officeworks and we spent like an hour there or something, cuz he had to get school books and stuff for school. Oh, and then we like got free coffee and tea and stuff LOL. Um, hung around in Cabra for a bit, cuz Danica's been looking for a good magazine to cut up to decorate her school books and she can't find nething good. Anyway, so we didn't get nething in Cabra, and we got home and I'm at her place now, and Ken went home, and Idk what Danica's doing downstairs. :S I'm meant to be watching Vampire Diaries but I kinda went to reply my Formspring instead LOL.

Um. I'm hungry. Danica's room is always so fkn cold, farout. TT"

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