This isn't a question or anything but I really like your clothes.

Aww, thanks babe! :D <3!

Like, the other person that just asked...Can you please upload Mr Dillon's HW? Thank you. Far out, I lost mine :S

OHMYGOSH. I totally forgot about that, ahh crap! Omg, um, I'm totally sorry about this but I can't scan that tonight! Even though I said I'd have it up by tonight, omg, I'm soo sorry I can't do it tonight cuz I'm tired and my brother's working on the computer atm. >< Sorry! I'll have it up as soon as possible, and dw, it's not that hard, I'm assuming you're in A1 and you get the work for sure. :) But omg, very sorry. :(

Don't you get annoyed at all the people who copy you ? Like, how you got blogger, then practically the whole grade did, then tumblr, and how almost everyone has that too, and now formspring (like Danica P, Emily, Jenny, Lisa) ?

LOL nope, not at all. Wow, I didn't know Jenny had Formspring. I'll have to go to her page and follow her, LOL. Anyway, the only thing that would piss me off if is their blogger is the exact same as mine. Like, layout and whatever. Not exactly the same, haha, but annoyingly and noticeably similar. That would piss me off heaps, yeaah. TT'

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