What shoes do you like wearing?

I wanna get these boots, badly. They're from Dotti, haha, and they're just black ankle boots. $60, FML. Um, but I usually wear black slip ons, just cos they're easy, haha. I should honestly get Havaianas, but I never do LOL. :( I don't wear heels cos I'm not allowed to (I sound like such a kid LOL) and I should look for gladiators but that's another thing I never end up getting. But those boots at Dotti, farout! I've wanted boots like that for ages. :( Man, I sound really materialistic now. There was a time last year when I didn't care about clothes and stuff that much. Dayumm. ><

Do you wear jewellery to school?

Not really, but sometimes I might wear a necklace (oh, I actuay haven't done that in a while, haha, but I might wear my Stussy one sometime) and I wore this ring from my grandma sometimes. It's not like a metal ring, it looks really traditionally Asian, kinda. LOL. OMG, KM has my ring, he better give it back at school. ;___;

Do you how much is a bag at insport? like those small backbacks.

I think they should be around $25-30.

do you like walking to parks? i like to, but the park near my house has a rusty playing place with the swings, see saw etc wuteva thats called ahahah

Hmm, generally I don't go to the park near my house, and the only time I'd be near it is if I was walking to the T-Way, haha. I would love to have a park like across the road or something, or live in a quiet and safe neighbourhood. Cuz I'm not allowed to the park by myself, like for jogs or anything, which sucks. And I'm not allowed to hang around the front yard cuz I think my parents think I'll get kidnapped. Like, 'Why hang around the front yard when the backyard is bigger and safer?' kinda thing. :(

whats your boob size? kekekeke jokes ;) what brand of bra do you like to wear?

LOL well since this is like on my Formspring and it'll be on my Blogger, as if I'm telling you my bra size, cuz I'm so flat it's embarrassing, HAHAHA. Haha, 'brand of bra', um, well I wear Davenport and Mossimo underwear a lot? I really reaally wanna get a set of Bonds, though, omg. Like I really want a matching set, LOL. :( :( They're still so expensive (compared to like Davenport) even when there's a 30% off underwear sale (Myers). Fml, TT'.

I don't have a formspring because I know that no one would ask me any questions and it would just lower my self esteem further.

Aww. :( That sounds like something I'd read on Blogsecret (speaking of which, I haven't read it in forevs). Well, who cares, it's just Formspring, and who knows, maybe
people would ask you stuff. :P I didn't think people would ask me stuff on mine, I'm just a schoolkid that blogs too much and whines about clothes I don't have the money or patience to buy, LOL, and heaps of randoms (I think) have asked me stuff! So who knows, at least try it! And whateverr if people
don't ask anything, it's just something that kills time, haha. :D It's fun, haha, answering what people ask, haha.

what do you think about people that have the same bags as you in school T-T'

Um well I just use a Country Road bag and a Puma bag, and Wendy, Angela, Vanessa and Paulinna (she has the same one as me but like hers has been washed a lot so the colour faded) own a CR bag and Angela, Grace and Paulinna own the same Puma bag but different colours, LOL. So I don't really care since my bags are pretty common, haha. But if I was to get that Nike bag that I've probably brought up way too many times LOL sorry, and someone else had it then .. I don't think I'd care that much either LOL. Wow, I bet if this was like year 8 or something, my answer would've totally been different. :L

would you make friends with a shy person?

Um, it'd be kinda weird, since I'd probably be quiet around them too. :( But if we overcame the initial awkwardness or if I was feeling not shy and talked to them then that'd be way mad. :D I hardly talk to that many people so .. More friends the better? LOL, I sound full desperate, keke. :(

heyy. just wanna say that you're really awesome. Like, your personality, the way you go through life, your clothes, even when you rant on you blog :D What do you think makes an awesome person?

Aww, you guys are the sweetest, and LOL, it's cool when I rant on my blog? HAHA, all I do is say 'fricken frick' a lot LOL cuz I'm just that creative AHAHHAAH. Umm, I don't know, how am I meant to answer this? :L I think I'm a cool person cos .. My friends like me. HAHA. :D

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