I started tumblr! :P

As in, you're the one that started a 'Tumblr trend', or you made a Tumblr? Cuz if you made one, then I'll follow you. :P Seems like forevs since I actually went on Tumblr for Tumblring LOL, cuz I just go there to find a picture for my Blogger posts. :L

the nike bag u want is very similar to other girls in your grade. r u copying??

Oh, I'm not wanting the bag cuz everyone else has one, I think it's reaally nice, that's all. Cuz I wanted it since sometime in term 4, after seeing this girl on Lookbook with an Adidas carry-all. No one else has a black bag yet, hopefully no one gets one anytime soon? LOL.

Listen to SNSD's new song Oh! It's really good :o

I don't like Chocolate Love, haha. :( Idk, I'll check it out if I remember to, next time I'm on a computer.

Summer or winter uniform?

Winter uniform looks better, but I've had the same uniform since year 7, and seriously, y'know how much weight I've gained since then? LOL. So the size kills me. :( Summer doesn't even look that bad, too. The guys look sexier in winter, though. And this is our last year with junior uniform. :D

Do you watch gossip girl? :D i think its pretty slutty but i watch it nevertheless ahahahahs

Nopeee! I was planning to get it off someone for the holidays, but I never did. :( Taylor Momsen is sooo hot, though, seriously. :O Love love love Taylor Momsen. :D

what groups hang around near you at school?

Lolwut, groups that hang around me? Don't I hang around the group? :L Um, well I have my usual group, like the group of girls that hang around the year 10 or 11 noticeboard? And I used to hang around with the group of guys like Lawrence, Andy and Kenny and stuff, but I think they'd rather bball or DoTA LOL.

i sometimes think its weird that i talk to you formspring when i dont even talk to you at school, you dont even know me ahahhah. but then agn your a pretty cool person. i ask you like heaps of questions lol

Oh, really? Haha, thankks. :D Idk, I'd love to meet you sometime, LOL. Who are you, LOL.

Its cool that you dont care about people having the same bag as you, shows your mature side ahah. Around 3 people in the school have the same bag as me, at first i minded then i realise it was stupid and was like whateva hehe

Haha, thanks. :P I don't really care what people think of me, though. Not as much as some of my friends care about what people say/think of them. Cuz heaps of people have the same bag; that Lonsdale backpack, CR bags, etc. So whatevsss. :L

I think eugenes blog is pretty much a copy of your blog, because the evidence is all there, it explains the shocking similarities ahaha no offence to eugene. Your blog is cool xD

Well when I saw it, I was like, Dayum that's the same, but .. I don't think I care too much, I guess. Not as much as I would've if this was like last year. LOL. Keke, I like my layout now soo much better than before, but using archives piss me off LOL. Oh, btw, thanks! :D

Hey thanks for answering bout the leg thing, ill try skipping. The thing is im not fat im 40kg and 160cm. I dont know why i have fat legs when my arms are skinny o.O can you be born with fat legs cos it really sucks. You're lucky to have skinny legs.

Whoa, you're pretty skinny, then. :o LOL. Hmm, well, maybe that's how your body naturally is? Cuz we can't really help where our fat goes, right? I'm not sure what excercises you could do that'll work your thighs, though, so yeah. >< And keke, I love my legs LOL. ^^

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