526 / Australia Day

Today's Australia Day, but I didn't really do anything. I just dressed up in my brother and sister's clothing and took photos, but it really annoys me how the camera screen's messed up, cuz I can't put it on timer and the photos suck. Oh, I'll show you my wall. I went to a family friend's place for what I thought was a BBQ, but it turned out to just be a kinda dinner but you don't sit at a table, so it's just coming over to eat and watch tennis, pretty much. LOL.

Okayyy, Danica just pranked me so I called her back and she's like busy anyway? What a noobass. o__o Oh what the fuck, it says there's only one picture on the memory card. Aw shit, I might've moved everything to my laptop. Omfg, my sister's computer is so fkn laggy and shit and everything, frkn pissing me off.

That's my wall, but what I'm meant to show you is something else, lol.

I'll upload a photo of my other wall tomorrow, and I haven't scanned the stupid crap Mr Dillon gave cuz this computer pisses me off, and Genvin's always on the other fricken computer, farout. So I don't know when stupid Mr Dillon's stupid homework is gonna be up, sorry if you guys are relying entirely on ME to get it. Seriously, though, it's probably not that hard, you're A1 anyway.

I found Kyleen, Wendy and Helena's Formsprings today. So I'm following all of them, LOL. Oh, there was also that thing at Bondi today, with the massive inflatable Havaianas and everything. Isaw photos of it last year on Amanda Thai's blog, but omg, this year they had different ones (last year was green and gold, this year was blue, red and white) and the ones this year are sooo pretty, full wish I went LOL.

Replying Formspring. I love it. Ask me something. LOL. :)

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