Describe your first kiss. :D

Umm, it was with KM, yeah cuz he was my first boyfriend and everything. Lol man, I wish I totally didn't go out with him cuz like, people said all this shit and judged me for it LOL, but um, it was on 27th September I THINK, not sure, and it was at the park near Hinchinbrook T-Way, and it was really hot that day, and umm. We were standing near the bridge? LOL. And yeah we kissed, or more like he kissed me, but yeah, I actually remember other things better than this LOL. O__O"

i like your new blog layout, very roomy and theres not much wasted space ;D

Oh thanks! :D I like it waay more than my old layout; my old one was so .. boring and .. yeah, I like how my one now is roomy LOL. :D

why arent you pissed at angela? shes a slut for doing that to you. and KM is so mean, how would he do that :( no offense but shes ugly she has small eyes and she likes this guy. but i bet you he has no idea what shes like.

Well we did all that hating during the summer holidays a year ago. We all hated her, alright, and this was ages ago. KM was a dickhead, yep, for doing that, and for other things he did while we were going out. So that's why you might read on my blog somewhere, especially in archives, that I describe the day I broke up with KM as the best day ever. LOL. No offence if he's reading this or anything, but omg, it was a good day, and I remember it well. LOL. Angela's eyeliner makes her eyes look smaller I think, but I wouldn't really know since she always wears eyeliner and in the same way, so I don't know what she looks like without it or if she did it differently. I don't even know who she likes, well, I think I do, but I can't be sure with anything, since I don't exactly talk to her much. From what my friends say, KM regrets kissing Angela. Lol, even though I totally say that KM was a dick and everything, then we DID have fun together, and when I talked to him at George's party .. Like, he wasn't that bad or anything. So we could still possibly be friends if we wanted to, I guess. This whole KM-Angela thing happened ages ago, everyone's over it, so yeah. Dw, I was pissed at both of them at some point, but you get over things. :)

OMGSH. :LLLL lots of people in our class a1 seems to have lost mr dillons hw! :LLL I did mine already, so I cant post it up :(

Um, well, you can post it up can't you, but get rid of the answers? Cuz I am really lazy to do it, and even more lazy to scan all the pages and post it up. T___T""" If anyone's seriously relying on me to scan it, then I'm totally sorry but I really don't feel like it. Not atm, anyway, LOL. :S

I started the tumblr trend. :>

Whoa, that's actually true. LOL. You had one like way before everyone else, and then Vanessa got one. ;) I wonder why. HAHA.

Eugene's blogspot is exactly like yours again. How can this not piss you off?

Okay, I'll say that it does piss me off, but I don't really care anymore. Well, it doesn't really piss me off, LOL, but I think it's similar as well. Even when the profile page, at how it has a symbol (I have a star, he has a triangle) in the link. But whatevs, they're just blogs. :)

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