What do you think of Angela? Pretty or not? Do you know who she likes lol.

I rkn she has really nice clothes, and omg, I wish I had money like her, haha. Well, I have no idea who Angela likes, I hardly talk to her, haha. And yeah, she's pretty. But omg, she's so short, LOL, cuz she was standing next to Eric and Angela looked like a fricken midget, HAHAHA. But Angela's got really nice clothes, and she's a smart girrrl. :D

i should clean my room before you comeeeeeeeeeeeee HAHAHAHA >:)

Danica, I'm at your house and on Formspring, as if your room is messy. Lol shut up Danica, I'm not listening to you. LOL. JOKING.

Do you like getting to know new people?

Of course I do, but I'm shy around new people, so er, that kinda contradicts a lot. LOL. It just depends a lot on who the person is. Like, they could be intimidating. :( LOL.


WHAT THE FUCK HAHAHA, that's so mean of her! If she loves you, she'll do anything. LOL, I'm totally joking, that is messed, bro. :O

what do you think of that tb group of asians in year 8/9? hahhaha

Oh, so the year 9's this year? Well, I used to think they were like kinda loud and tb, LOL, but yeah, that's cuz I didn't really know them or talk to them or anything? Anyway, they're actually really nice, haha, and I've talked to some of them a couple of times. But they're pretts cool, haha. :P

where would you buy your school bag? i was thinking strandbags or insport but im not sure, i have to find a bag soon ;__;

Oh, go to Insport, they've got pretty good bags for school and stuff. I just use my Country Road bag, haha, but if I was to use another bag then yeah, it's be from Insport. I full wanna get this Nike bag though, omg! T___T""!!!

What's Forest?

Refer to other answer.

What's FOREST? :L

Oh, Grace was talking about her friends as a forest, like .. As a group/network of friends that you have DNMs with and they're meant to be there for you all the time and everything. LOL. Lol, stupid Danica doesn't get what I mean so you proably won't either.

wow.. that answer to the $1 question was really long and unnecessary :L

As if, it was the funniest thing out! LOL.

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