you seem like a hardcore kid :L

Hardcore as in .. badass? Or like gangster?

.. Okay I don't think my choice in words/adjectives helps to explain. LOL. Dw. But thanks, if that was a compliment. LOLLL. :P



...who do you like ?LOL

Aw man, that is totally a secret. :S

looks seem to be everything nowadays. doesnt personality count?

Of course it does! But if someone isn't giving you a chance cuz of looks, then that's full dog, man. They're not worth your time, they're shallow. :O And if I offended you by saying that about the person you like (if there IS a person you like), then omg, sorry, LOL. Personality is way important. You don't wanna go out with someone just cuz you like their face! :O

i suck at maths. truong is getting so hard T^T

Lol, okay, I'm gonna guess this is Danica or Mitchell? (But I'm not sure at all, haha.) I agree, Truong's getting pretty hard, and if I don't pay attention in class then I'm mega screwed when the teacher asks me for answers (LIKE HE DID TODAY, OMG T____T""!!). But try and pay attention in class, and ask your friends/teacher for help. :) And if you need to, then ask me! And I'll try and help. ^^

i liked mr. x, but he said i was ugly T_T what do i do?

Lol, Mr X = Lawrence. (I'm so funny, yeh, LOL.)

But omg, that is so slack! :( Did he know you liked him? And did he say it to you? Awwww, don't worry, babes, I bet your a fricken hot betch and the guy you like had mega high expectations. :D If things don't work out, then dw about him, you can do better than that anyday! :D <3

do you personally think that confessing to a guy you like is a good idea?

Hmm .. Well, I'm kind of a pussy, so I wouldn't do it cuz I'd be scared.

But .. think about it, yeah? If someone liked you, wouldn't you want to know? That's what my friend also said, haha. Like, he said that it'd be better if they knew you liked them, cos then you would have a potentially higher chance of being with them (cuz if the person liked you back, then yeah, you'd have a higher chance of getting together)? I think, personally, that confessing to a guy might be a bit risky, but I think it's not a bad idea or anything. :)

do you reckon staying single helps with your studies?

Ughh. Well, I don't really think it makes too much of a difference. Okay, so my ex boyfr was a bit of a dick (no offence, lol) but omg man, I totally remember one time, I think it was during the half yearly exams period, and I was cramming my tutor homework on the day I had tutor. Newais, he fricken came and wanted to talk to me, when I was doing work and like .. Omg man, cuz I told him the day before not to come around cuz I had work to do, and he came around and I was like, Omg, really pissed and stuff, yeh. Lol. But newais, so that could kinda answer your question that yeah it does help with my studies to be single. BUT, my other friend said that when they had a girlfriend, they felt motivated to do even better, for them.

I don't think it makes too much of a difference .. but I've seen relationships mess up someone's studies. :S

i like your name :D

Aww, thanks! :D I used to not like it, like when I was in kindy and stuff, cuz it was longer/different than everyone else's name. :( So I made people call me Genny, LOL, but I'm totally sick of that name now (not totally sick of, but it's not as badass, HAHA).

what did you get in your last report?

I did better than my half yearly! That was real good, haha. Out of .. I think 9 grades, I got .. 5 B's and 4 A's. Or something like that. I'm pretty sure it was that, though, haha. :P But in my half yearly report, I got a C! But yeah, studied my ass off for yearlies and I guess I did better? :)

Ask/tell me anything! :D

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