HELLO from A1 and A2


Who's KK present was the best?

Um, well I honestly don't know what everyone got for their KK present! :O This is all I know:
Liza: top
Wendy: a top, I think
Danica: necklace
Grace: Book + two pineapples
Vivian: Errm.. Oh, the M&M dispenser
Angela: DVD
Vanessa: Scrubs
Jacquie: top

And that's all I remember. :S And I got .. Omg. OH, I got mascara and a ring. :) Well, haha, I kinda don't know who got the best present .. Cuz we're all into different things. I really like the mascara I got, so thanks Yvy. :P KK last year, in our group, was done really well, though! :D Only heaps of people went over the budget, but that's okay. OH! Christie got a Sportsgirl clutch. I like it, it's nice, haha. (THIS ANSWER TOTALLY DID NOT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, LOL. But as an answer, I'll say that Grace's present was sweet. LOL.)

season 9 of scrubs is crap. That's what i heard, it's ok but ABC (the channel that shows it in US) isn't picking up the season for more episodes,so i think season 9 is only going to have 13 episodes. That's what i read.

Man, season 9 .. So many seasons! That's like almost as many as Friends. But Friends is like old school and everyone loves Friends. Scrubs is like .. Seriously, 9 seasons? o___o I bet they look full old in it. >< Oh whaaat, that's so crap! :O You fail, Scrubs. :(

why were you so PMS-y in year 7 and 8?

Cos I was a big bitch. :( Nah, cuz when you get down to it, I was just all dramatic about little things. Which is not good. LOL. D:

Oh so i do have your scrubs. I call you gen sometimes genevieve. IF YOU DONT WANT ME TO CALL YOU GENEVIE THEN I'LL CALL YOU GENEVIEVE. Hehehe, remember that?

HAHAHA, that was so funny, and we were even sharing the pool. :L But oh, I didn't realise you called me Gen. O____O Anyway, we have two copies of season 3 .. So watch it, and then return it? :L I'm just worried my sister might get pissed cos Scrubs is actually hers, LOL, so yeah. :P

it smells like up doc

WHATSUPDOC! Hahahahahaha.

why the fuck is genvin imitating me

Well I have no idea what you're basing this on, and I don't even know who this is! :O

Nah, scrubs gets really good. i reckon the best ones are probably like s4/5. but yeah, it gets better. i didnt like the first few seasons as much. watch it watch it !

Oooh.. I'll need to borrow it off someone! :O And I haven't seen anyone (that has Scrubs) lately. Oh, maybe Angela will have it, but I haven't asked. But I'll watch as soon as I can!

Ask/tell me anything! :D

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