haha, theyre up to season 9 of scrubs, it hasnt been released yet but its been leaked or something

OH MY GOSH. SEASON 9?! Omg. Didn't JD leave the hospital, or something? Man, from what I've seen of season 7 and stuff .. everyone's so old! :O It's not the same, man. >< Either that, or I just don't know what's going on and therefore don't really get it/think it's the same LOL.

why so pretty for huh? :)

Thanks! <3 :D

Concerning Mr.X again LOL... I don't like him anymore :D which is really good. I hate the feeling when you like someone but know it's impossible. So I was able to forget him xD But then again, I'm still not comfortable around him, knowing the truth now :(

Oh, that's heaps good! I hate it when you totally liked someone, and they liked you back, but they suddenly lose feelings for you? That's just so annoying, man. >< Aww, don't worry about what other people think crap about you! They're not worth it if it gets you down. :)

do you love yvy? :$

Why yes, I do. :)

Look underthere!

UNDERWEAAARR! Oh snap. ;___;

Ask/tell me anything! :D

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