who's the womaniser in your grade?

Hmm. I don't know. There are heaps (not really heaps) of chick magnets, but that's not the same as flirts. Issert? Maybe Lawrence. Or Nicholas. Cos seriously, who hasn't liked Lawrence and/or Nicholas. ;___; HAHAHAHA. Avi is a flirt? (Come on, you even said so yourself, Avi, so don't tell me off cuz I said it (a)). Hahahaha. :P

Do you reckon Mitchell and Eugene are similar?

Not really. I think people think they're similar cuz they're both into 'girlier' things (no offence); Mitchell's a mega K-Pop fan and Eugene's into clothes and fashion. So I think that's why people think they're similar, even though those two things are totally different. Oh, apparently they have similar writing. LOL.

I have this friend. He/she really pisses me off. I don't wanna talk to them or even be friends, but they're always starting convos with me on msn. I'd feel bad to ignore them, and it'd be sus, so what do you think i should do ?

Hmm, how do they piss you off? And do other people notice it as well? Cos if it's a pretty big thing, then maybe you can talk to them about it. Tell them the things they do that piss you off, and maybe they'll change for the better.

You're really awesome. such a nice girl now :)

Haha, thank you. :) I used to be wayy bitchier/moodier/etc. ><


.. Yep. LOL.


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