What do you do before your train comes?

Haha, okay. The bus gets to the stop outside Westfields at around 7:55am. So I get off there and walk around Westfields. Go bathroom, moisturise my face. Might get a coffee from Maccas. The only places open are Woolies, Maccas and Gloria Jeans, pretty much, so it's pretty quiet, just with a few kids from Livo girls and some people stopping by before work. So I walk around Westfields for a bit, and take the time to think about things and enjoy the time alone. At around 8:11am or something I start heading to the station, and when I get there it's around 8:22am or maybe later? Train comes shortly after that, so yeah. OR, I used to get off at Westfields but walk to that crap place with chairs and stuff that people walk through when they go to the library, or when they walk to Westfields. The place with chairs and tables, and like a crappy sandwhich place, and it's got the sliding automatic doors and mirrors on the side that everyone checks themselves out in before they walk out? LOL. So I used to go there and study or catch up on my homework. But I haven't done that in a while. :P

Whose your friend in the bus? I make friends with people on my bus lol although I only ever see them on the bus lol

Yvy, but she only takes it after school, and she's in my group of friends at Hurlstone anyway. Umm, Amannda in year 9 takes the bus, but we don't really talk; I don't really have a bus friend in the morning? I should totally talk to some people, but Idk, I usually appreciate the time alone.

You're really pretty what's your secret ahahahas

Haha, it's all natural. LOL. Thanks, though, haha. I've actually got heaps of imperfections, though, but I'm generally happy with my looks. :P

Which girls look the youngest and oldest in your year?

LOL, that's a weird question. Heaps of people in my grade look older than they really are, that's just common everywhere. Like, I've passed off as 17-18 LOL. I don't know, haha. I would normally think about an answer for you, but I'm on Genvin's iPod and he really wants it bak and I've gotta rush these last few answers, sorry!

Did you know you can buy "fashion" 3D glasses at the cinemas to watch with your 3D movies for $25? What a load of bullshit LOL. They look like aviators, Geneboob.

LOL that is the biggest waste of money, unless you want to wear them in future in the streets. But the lenses for them are so weird, man! Like kinda reflective in some angles? Idk, haha, but I haven't actually watched a 3D movie like Avatar or anything in cinemas recently that's 3D. :L

Who's Euguene?

Eugene! He's my pretty cool friend, haha. He's in the year below me, and I've known him for pretty long. We used yo' have heaps of fights and everything, and one time, we blocked each other and stuff, haha. Kin-Mun didn't like Eugene. LOL. Probably still doesn't. Anyway, his blog is http://pokemonpushover.blogspot.com and his Formspring at http://formspring.me/teanotcoffee. He's pretty cool, though, we get along well most the time. :P

How did you start dating Kin Mun?

Oh lolol. Well, I always thought he seemed kinda cool LOL and Yvy told me that he told her that he liked me and I was like, Ohh what's this ;) LOL. And anyway, I ended up liking him, blahblah, he asked me out and yeahh. Man, I was thinking about something he said, today, and it .. Was so bitchy LOL. Like, cuz I usually go online on weekends for sure, right? And there was a time when I didn't go on in the afternoon on weekends, just cuz I didn't really feel like it. And one time, I spent the afternoon taking down and rearranging my posters, and once, we had a fight kinda, and he was like, so you'd rather do stupid things like take down your posters and put them back up again than talk to me? And yeah. I was just thinking how bitchy that was, LOL. Well, not really bitchhyy but like .. That's not right, man, that's not what I was doing? ;___; LOL

Nuuuuuuuuu, I don't like your blogspot skin .. type thing. Care to change it ? =]

Oh, you liked it before? FML. LOL. Cuz I was totally sick of my old one. Well, what it was like before I changed it. Cos really, I've only had the one skin for my blog ever since I got it and everything .. So I don't think I'll be changing things again anytime soon, I like it now. D:


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