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Yo I've got an idea. How about I only post answers from my Formspring if at least 5 questions have been asked? Cuz having a post for just 1 or 2 questions is silly. Haha. Oh, and I see Emily's got a Formspring, haha. :P

Best reply on Formspring, ever:

if you had $1, what would you do

Oh, if only. I would throw me and my friends a $1 party. What would such a party entail? Well the possibilities are endless - a party where the total expenses are only $1? A party where every item bought for said party - food, drinks, plates and cutlery, cups, entertainment - costs exactly one dollar each, no more, no less? A party in celebration of the concept of the dollar coin? A very exclusive party where the only guests are dollar coins, with only the most important, power-holding two-dollar and fifty cent coins being the VIP exceptions? I'm going to go with the first option.

Food - every available piece of food already in my house. Dannis is an extreme master chef so he's bound to be able to whip up some gross shit out of the random stuff he finds in my cupboards, like Cheese Pho made from a few packs of Maggi Instant Beef Noodles, or some other insane gourmet delight. I've also got a few boxes of water crackers that I'm sure everyone will love as finger food if they try your best to imagine that they taste like something, as opposed to nothing. And I'm sure the other guests can rummage through their homes and find at least a bit of food to bring. I've also got half a box of Pizza Shapes, some Milo Cereal, and some leftover Secret Zooper Doopers from the NYE party.

Drink - Every available drink already in my house, as well as anything that anyone else finds in their fridges that they're willing to throw in. Looking in my fridge now, I have a 1L glass bottle of cold water, some milk to accompany that Milo cereal, and what I think is a bottle of wine so we can be really cool and get wasted and et cetera. No, not really. I also have a water cooler that somehow automatically refills itself.
In the context of ice for said drinks, everyone has a freezer, so our best bet would be to get everyone to fill as many plastic sandwich bags with as much ice as they can manage.

Disposable cutlery - You wouldn't believe the insane amount of disposable cutlery I have in one of my cupboards. There are enough plastic plates, spoons, forks, knives, and cups to throw a party for everyone in Ethiopia. I also have a big shitload of serviettes. In addition, I have box upon box of plastic straws, and I also have two crazy-straws, which, when combined with Courtney's, will give us a grand total of two thousand and four straws.
Actually, I just looked in my cupboard, and I actually have three 2L ice cream buckets filled with metal spoons, forks, and knives. We received them when my mum's friend's Chinese restaurant in Liverpool closed down. Stephen and Karti are also free to bring their Splayds.

Entertainment - I'd pay Salt and Turbinegar a dollar to split between their five members to bring us an evening of golden entertainment, gracing our ears with such classic nostalgia-inducing tunes as the Glenfield Station Remix of Shake It, and the four minutes of indie goodness that is their cover of Time Is Running Out by Muse.
As a cheaper alternative, we could base activities for the night around Soozy; patting her furry head while she stares absently at the floor, or trying to feed her Scotch Fingers, or placing food on her back and laughing at her oblivious response, have long been sources of happy fun and enjoyment.
Alternatively, we could watch Summer Heights High on DVD until everyone gets sick of that fucking show, and then just lounge around idly, and occasionally scream at each other when the DVD player icon hits the corner.
TOTAL EXPENSES: $1.00 (potentially)

There, that's what I'd do with a dollar. I should be working on my music composition, or my Extension 1 creative writing exercise, or my 2u math Probability booklet.

4 hours ago by genvinout

LOLOL. Anyway, I plan to go to Danica's house tomorrow, and I spent the majority of my day redecorating my wall. I took down my Scrabble letters and I put up all these posters instead. Will take a photo, keke, I like how it looks. :D Haven't had posters up since sometime last year. And, my internet is being real crap, and I totally don't know why. If it turns out I'm capped or some shit, I'm gonna be really pissed. TT" Oh, and I still have to do Mr Dillon's work. Oh shit! I still have to do my tutor homework, especially since I'm going Danica's tomorrow! AW SHIT. O___O And if anyone's wondering, then once again, I have Jiggy stuck in my head HAHA.

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