Genevieve are you on msn?

I'm on MSN, yep, but I've been away from the keyboard (cuz I was in my room putting up posters or talking to Danica, haha, or in the bathroom washing my Country Road bag), and I just came back for a bit cuz Genvin went away from the computer. And so I'm gonna answer my Formspring questions, and then go back to my room cuz I have to finish decorating my wall. :P If you really need to talk, then prank me for a sec and I'll call you, if you have my number. :D

how dare you assume that was me Gen? That is definately not me. Well, i'm pretty sure it's not. Gen i think you should start watching make it or break it.

Oh, really? Totally sounded like it. :P If it wasn't you, then it was Liza, I'm GUESSING? :P Hahahaha. What's Make It or Break It about?

can you put mr dillon's maths sheets on your blog. I lost mine. You can get rid of your answers if you want too!TY your a saviour! :P

Um, not now, but I'll see if I can do it tonight. I kinda haven't done it .. LOL. And it's been folded in half, so that might come up when I scan, haha. But I'll have it up by the end of Monday! :D

My bus is always crowded it's so annoying what bout yours?

Nope! My bus is alright in the morning, usually never too crowded, but I always have a seat cos my stop is one of the first few, and I'm usually first or second person on the bus. ;__; What bus do you take? :P

Who do you take the train to school with?

Well, I take the late train so it's Yvy, Jacqueline, Danica and Grace for sure. And when I take the early train, I sit with Wendy, Vanessa, Vivian, Liza and the guys if they happen to be in the same half of the carriage, or Avi, Mariel, Nikkida, George and stuff. But I usually take the late train, so yeah.


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