hey you said something about wrapping your books in black contact. where can i buy them?

I get my black and white contact from K-mart (I got to the one in Casula). Last year, there wasn't any black contact when I went, so I had to get white. Just so you know, if you wanna get white, then it's thin and you can still see through it after one layer of wrapping. The black is fine, though. The black is mad, haha, my books in year 8 were badass. LOL.

LOL. I didn't write Mr.X was gay. (i'm the originally). But like, he dated a lot of girls. uhm, we're sort of guys. LOL. we just happen to go out once :L with other friends ofc :L LOLOL

Umm .. So you're a guy, you used to like a guy, but the guy has dated a lot of girls, the guy said you were ugly, and now you're over him? This is confusing.. LOL O_____O"".

hey g, your like my inspiration and this year im gonna try and be heaps nicer, i think thats like what you did? :s lol but what do you do when you wanna be friends with someone that HATES you and wont talk to you..

Lol I don't know why but I think this is Sophiea? Tyvm about the inspiration part, keke. :) Umm, well if it was something you did (like you guys had a fight or something) then tell them that you're sorry. Like, confront them and talk to them about it.. If they hate you for no reason, then that's just messed. Talk to them anyway. LOL. And ask them why they hate you. But don't forget, communication is the key. :) (Haha, I said that on purpose to sound cheesy. LOLLL.)

What html code did you use for the "highlight-links-on-mouseover" effect?

font-weight: normal;
color: #fff; background-color: #000;
text-decoration: none;

That's part of my layout. The bit you want is the 'color: #fff; background-color: #000;'. That's if you want black highlight and white text. But you can obviously change around the codes/colours and stuff, so yeah. Hope that helped! :D


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