How do I get rid of pimples? and a tan?

Well I wouldn't really know, I have crap skin and kind of a tan? Haha. Okay, well in theory, you should eat healthier, sleep earlier, use a cleanser, exfoliate, blah blah blah, to get rid of pimples. But that's not necessarily going to work.. Cuz it's like part of adolescence for most people to get pimples and messed up skin, isn't it? Cuz our hormones (or something)? So I'm not really sure what you could do about pimples, sorry. >< Cuz I'd wanna know that too. :( Getting rid of a tan .. Well, I'm not really sure either. Cuz some tans would fade, but I don't know, some don't? Cuz I've had an outline of my swimsuit tanned on heaps of times, and they've always ended up fading .. But my legs and arms are tanned (and darker than my face LOL), and that isn't fading? So I don't really get how you're meant to get rid of that either. But that's also cuz I don't look into how to get rid of a tan, cuz .. I like my legs how they are now? HAHAHAHA. :L Idk, it's pretty weird, though. Cuz in spring, I sat out in the sun for FIVE MINUTES, I SWEAR, and I got a tan line on ONE LEG from the shorts I was wearing. Which is funny. And it's also still there, but not as obvious. And from ONE lesson in the pool for PASS, I have a fricken tan from my bikini. And nothing's happening in terms of fading or anything. Lucky it's not that noticeable anyway?

LOL. ANYWAY. This answer has been like really long and I don't think it's helped, cuz I don't have a clear idea of how to answer your question, haha. But for the pimples thing, I guess you can try and become healthier, cleanse and exfoliate your skin (like, create a weekly routine or something), drink heaps of water and detox? Oh, it'd help to know what skin type you are (just so you know and stuff, haha). And for the tan thing, I'm as confused as you are, cuz some of my tans fade but some don't. Hope I helped! O__O LOL. :P

Yea, my mum accuses me too. Same boat.

Ughh, so annoying. :( Cuz I hadn't had a disagreement or anything with my mum in a while, but psh.. TT"



How do you become popular?

I don't know. When I came to Hurlstone, the only person I knew that didn't go to my primary school was Wendy. Which was how our group kinda formed, I reckon, haha. But I have noo idea. Some people know me cuz of my brother, though?

How tall are you?

I think around 165cm. :D

Well, I just had my menarche and havent told my mum yet?

Oh. I didn't tell my mum either. LOL. I didn't tell anyone. Umm, do you know what to do? o___o

Well, are you and Nick still together?

LOL. We were neveerr together. And things have changed since like, term 3 holidays last year, hahaha. :P

And Mr. X isnt this weird Lawrence-guy....Oh wells. ^o^

'Weird Lawrence guy', haha. Lawrence is cool, but okay. :L

Whose the girl/guy that keeps on asking about Mr. X? 0_0"

Haha, how am I meant to know. :P


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