So! I had a fight with mum this morning (not really fight, not even an argument, but she was telling me off) cuz I was being rude to her. But that's cuz I asked if she could drop me off at my friends place tomorrow so I could drop something off, and she's like, WHAT?! YOU'RE GOING TO A PARTY AND YOU'RE GOING TO ONE AGAIN ON FRIDAY?! ERHEIURFAEIOUFKASHF!?! And that really pissed me off cuz she just accused me, so yeah. :I Then she told me off for being rude to her.

I've wrapped most of my school books. I did some yesterday, but they started getting messy so I stopped. Lol, at first I was going to wrap them in white like what I did last year, and get black contact and cut out the letters for Gas'd and put that on four of my books. Then I decided to print out Helvetica letters out of black contact like the American Apparel shirts (i.e. Hh for history, Aa for ag, Gg for geo, Ss for science, etc). But then I don't have black contact. And I'd probably get really sick of them, if I did that. Maybe. But anyway, I can't do it cos I don't have black contact! So I wrapped one of my books (I got A5 this year, if anyone's wondering, haha) in white. And then I went to my room to look for things to paste (like pictures and stuff from magazines or GPC posters, etc) onto the white. And I kinda have like 4 or 5 of the same General Pants Co. poster? LOL. So I wrapped two of my books in GPC freebie poster, and they looked pretts rad, but it's just wrapping books in slightly thick paper. So that might mess up during the year. :( Then I decided to wrap some in the Mossimo catalogue I got from aes ago and did nothing with, and so two of my books are wrapped in Mossimo catalogue. Which is just paper that's thinner than cardboard but considerably thicker than paper. Lol. So 2 of my books are in GPC poster, 2 in Mossimo catalogue, and I did another in white, so that's another 2 in white. Gonna have to recontact the white ones, though, cuz the white's a bit thin and you can see through it. And I'm so lazy to contact my stupid maths book. Cuz I'm using the one I started in midway term 4 last year, and it's kinda crapped up, so I'm really lazy to wrap it. Gah! But my books are pretty neat this year, heaps better than last years, haha. All I have to do now is contact another book, and I'll think about doing maths or not. And if anyone's wondering, then I got A5 books, 96 page for everything except for English and science (128 pg) and art (A3 visual arts diary).

Ooh, Lisa's got a Formspring, haha. Saw it on Tumblr and decided to mention it. And if anyone wants to ask Lisa something, then here's your link. Just for the record, DP got a Lookbook! I hyped her look. Link here if anyone wants to checkit. Man, it's like I'm advertising other people's pages LOL.

I looked around my sister's room for a book to read cuz I know I'm not going to finish The Picture Of Dorian Gray in time for tutor tomorrow. So I found what I think is a self-help book, LOL, cuz she was really into them for a while and bought them cos she thought they were interesting. Anyway, it's called Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, or something like that, and I think I should be able to finish in time, if I stop getting tempted by fricken Blogger and Formspring, and actually sit down to read the book.

And I really want American Apparel nail polish. I think I mentioned that already. I totally don't know which sets I would get, though. Crap, man! :S I'm stopping by a friend's house tomorrow (and seriously, my parents would consider that 'going out') and I've got Avi's party on Friday. I promised promised promised one of my friends that we'd catch up before school resumed, and we still haven't. I don't think my parents are gonna be too happy if I ask them if I can go out again. WHAT THE HELL AM I MEANT TO DO. Cuz I miss them like crazy, haven't seen them in forever. Don't know what I'm gonna do, man. I have to meet up with them, yeah .. :S Ughh!

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