I don't get the picture on your blog.

The moving one? I just thought the guy was cute .. :) LOL.

wtf eugene full fucking made over his blog at the same time you did and it looks soooo like yours now, what the hell

Lolol you sound so angry. :P It's just a blog layout, and yeah, some things are still the same, but I don't care, whatevs, man. :L

what nash are you?is KM korean? lol... his name sounds it :S

I'm a Chink from Chinkland (LOL, GRACE). Nah, but I'm pretty much full Chinese. :P And yep, KM's part Korean. I wish I was Korean. D:

can you tell me more about yourself? likeeee, personality and etc?OMG, I SOUND LIKE A !@#$ING STALKER LOL :$

LOL, okay, I've got nothing else to do so I'll see how long this response can be.

Okay, my name is Genevieve In. I turn 15 on the 31st of May this year, and I'm second youngest in my group of friends. I go to Hurlstone Ag, year 10 this year. I have an older brother and sister.

I kinda have no life and don't do much in my spare time; the majority of my leisure activities are based on the Internet. I blog everyday, and multiple times a day, ever since I got Formspring. I go on Tumblr cuz I like the pictures, HAHA. People keep telling me to get Facebook, and I don't know why I actually don't. I guess I just can't be bothered going on and stuff. LOL. Even though I totally should, so I can add all the year 12/13's (the ones that just left school) before I forget them, or before they forget me. LOL. :(

I recently got into K-Pop, and my brother (Genvin) and sister (Stephanie) think that's totally the gayest shit out. But omg, they're so hot, LOL, but the music is good. :( So yeah. Man, I really don't know what I'm meant to say. Lol, before I was into K-Pop, I was into All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Mayday Parade and stuff like that. And then Lawrence linked me to B2ST, and I totally got into it, LOL, so that's how it all started. :D Generally, I don't like groups with a female vocalist, I totally don't know why, but I find the songs kinda boring and stuff. Like, Gee by SNSD and Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls are exceptions, haha. I like SHINee, MBLAQ, B2ST and 2PM but I don't really have much of their stuff. Really like MBLAQ atm, though, full watching videos and stuff with them, they're sooo cute, even though Choongdoong is like least cute, I reckon, haha, they're all cute. :D

In terms of what clothes and stuff I'm into .. I don't know. Like, my taste is changing, and I'm in the middle where I don't really know where to head, so yeah, that's kinda messed, cuz people are like, 'I love your clothes!' and everything, so yeah, I don't really know. :L OMG, but I full loveeee Lauren Waine, on Lookbook, but omg I think she deleted it! :( But you can find her tumblr; http://damagedyouth.tumblr.com/ haha.

Hmm, I'm underweight, but it's just like that, I just don't really gain weight easily. :I My skin sucks cuz I sleep too late and probably don't eat very healthily and don't excercise?

Oh yeah, was full gonna say smth. Oh yeah, I don't really talk to that many people, LOL.

- Okay I cbb to write this nemore, wouldn't it be easier if you asked more specific questions? :( LOL :(.

Where do you normally get your clothes from?

Lol get this question a lot. I actually get a lot of my clothes from Dotti, even though I can't even think what I get there, LOL, cuz I don't even own Dotti shorts, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I like the clothes from General Pants Co., Gluestore and Globalise .. Last item of clothing I bought was from Globalise (black Ladahk singlet). I don't know, I buy like bits and pieces from everywhere, tbh. An outfit I really want right now is made up of Insport, Dotti, eBay LOL, Diva and General Pants Co. :L Oh, and Priceline. I want lipstick/gloss, LOL.


Aw, my friend was singing Tik Tok and it was so cute LOL. Omg, now I have Tik Tok stuck in my head! T__T" LOL.

i spy with my little eye something starting with the letter m. :)

M for .. mouse, maraca, monitor, music, mobile,

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