532 / The best phone calls ever

I called my friend this morning and they had friends over . It was really funny. LOL. I was just listening to what they were talking about, and they are like the coolest people out, no joke LOL. :D They're like really nice and funny, the stuff they talk about is just like LOL, man, srsly. :L

I really don't want to go back to school. No jokes about that. I've been waking up incredibly late (not fully, but around midday which isn't good), and I should really be getting back to normal cuz school's almost back! Fucken hell, I'm really lazy to use the scanner, can anyone else scan the Mr Dillon crap? I did the sheet last night, and I can't do two of them LOL. And I haven't done Truong homework .. Arghh! This is really annoying me! I really don't want to do some work today, but I think I might have to.

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