do you exercise? or like on a diet? i want to be skinny too ><

Aw, haha. Only excercise I would ever do are ab excercises, and walking around for 20 minutes in the morning (around Westfields and Liverpool, lol). And like the stuff you do in PE at school, LOL. Hmm .. I don't think I do any other excercise, though .. And I don't diet, no, I eat a lot, tbh, and I don't know why I don't gain weight. Well, I don't intentionally diet; I don't eat breakfast on school days cuz I usually don't have the time (but I've been eating breakfast during holidays, since we got MILO CEREAL, YEAHHHH! :D LOLOL) and I don't like buying food at school cuz I think it's a waste of money. LOL. O__O But I eat heaps, I swear, like at home and stuff. :( Idk why I don't gain weight, though, that's just the way I am. Not eating breakfast isn't good for you, btw, cuz you'd have reduced concentration (like in school and stuff, haha) and less energy and everything, and it could make you gain weight (I don't know why I don't, though). I drink a lot of water, though. Which could maybe make a really small impact on my weight. LOL. ><

If you want to be skinny, then .. Well, don't go too skinny. :) In theory, eating a balanced diet, drinking a lot of water and participating in physical activity on a frequent basis would help. Maybe making sure you get enough sleep could help as well. But that COULD make you gain weight, cuz you could actually be underweight right now, but not full skinny? Man I have no idea, but in theory, what I said should give you a good weight. LOL.

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