533 / Walls

Oh yeah, I took photos yesterday.

That's my wall: Onitsuka Tiger poster, magazine cut out (2), Mossimo catalogue, American Apparel bag, Lee tag (3), General Pants Co. post, Mossimo catalogue, Globalise catalogue, G-Star catalogue, magazine cut out, Gluestore poster, magazine cut out, Hype DC postcard, One Teaspoon postcard, Gluestore poster, magazine cut out (2).

My washed CR bag and my books this year, wrapped in Mossimo catalogue, GPC poster and white contact. Oh, and my maths book isn't there, and my art VAPD is probably just going to stay black.

My nails are chipping. Three of those polishes (red, blue, black) are from Danica's house and the other black and purple (which are the ones that are chipping the most) are from home.

What I dressed up in: Line singlet in navy (Genvin's, not mine; $19.95 @ GPC) and shorts (Oh, KM bought these for me but I cuffed them more and distressed them, $29.95 @ Cotton On). This looks way too sparkly, like a fairy cummed on the photo. LOL.

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