Whos Awesomeness? O_O

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Whos Awesomeness? O_O

I don't know, who's Awesomeness and where did that come up? LOL.

i wonder what people would think of me if i wear eyeliner ><"

Well go ahead! :D But just make sure you don't over do it, since it sounds like you don't ever wear eyeliner. Soo just do a bit, and maybe experiment at home to see what looks less/more dramatic. :)

You should listen to 2ne1 it's the bombb hehe I don't care and in the club and fire :D

Hmm .. 2NE1 .. They're okay. :/ I've got I Don't Care, but Idk, I don't really like 2NE1, I think. Like I have I Don't Care and Lollipop by Big Bang ft. 2NE1, but I don't think they're full good. :L

what do u think of that yr9 group, that sits near you ?

OH. There's a girl with a nice Mossimo hoodie that she wore last mufti. It's dark grey marle, umm, the kind of hoodie that's just pullover and doesn't have a zipper. It's got Mossimo written in like .. the Mossimo logo writing on the front. FULL NICE, MAN, keke. But I don't really know anything about them? :L

have you watched mblaq on magnae rebellion ?

Whoa, no. I've got MBLAQ on Idol Army? And I'm assuming Magnae Rebellion is a show? Omg I should just YouTube it, LOL.

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