Don't know what's going on, but found this on Tumblr, haha.

#045 Try a new recipe each month. (3/32)

Lol, it's the second last day of the month, so I had to make something sooner or later. Anyway, I wanted to make cheesecake but didn't want to buy so many ingredients, and I ended up making chocolate mousse instead! It's from this site which is open on a tab on my laptop, so Idk what it is and I forgot what I searched up, haha, so yeah. I've never actually had mousse before, I think. The only times I've ever felt/etc anything in mousse format was Angela's volumising mousse at year 7 camp, HAHA, or Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. LOL. I'm pretty sure I haven't had mousse before, so yeah. Anyway, it took a while to make, but the recipe's pretty easy. So I made that, it's in the fridge right now, haha. I reckon it's nice, but I bought 70% cocoa dark chocolate cuz that's what they said, but I rkn it's really chocolate-y now, but it's not that bad. :D

Anyway, after heading out to Valley Plaza to get ingredients, me and my mum dropped my sister off at her friend's place cuz they were having a small BBQ, and then we drove over to Jacqueline and Jennifer's to check out their house? Omg, it looks full mad, LOL. They knocked down their old kitchen and it looks heaaaps bigger, now. Oh, and Idk if I mentioned this before but their dogs escaped and they were missing for like 2-3 days, but they found them at the pound, and they were gonna be put to sleep a few days later if they weren't claimed! :O But they're back now, so yeah, that's cool. :) But omg, once they get the house all fixed up (all the furniture where it belongs, carpet the floor where they took out the tiles, doors for the new cupboards in the kitchen, backyard all cleaned up and with grass and leveled out, kinda) then they're gonna have a party and omgg, their house is gonna be like the BEST for parties! :D Which is full mega GG, cuz their parties are like the best already. :D Cuz seriously, their house is gonna be so big and everything .. Full can't wait till it's all done, and it should be done before February 14th. That day is soo busy this year, I swear; Valentine's and Chinese New Year, and DP's birthday. LOL. And last year, lol, CNY was on Australia Day. And we went to Triple J's Hottest 100 cuz we had nothing else to do, and my cuz wanted to drive over, so we all went except for my sis who didn't want to and the car didn't have enough space anyway, lol. And there was a guy with a watermelon helmet, and there was a mosh pit .. Chyeah, would've been good if I listened to Triple J and knew some of the songs, huh. :I LOLL.

Oh, and I wanna learn Man Man Ha Ni. Like, the dance for the chorus at least, but I wanna learn the song. Cuz seriously, humming to a song doesn't give you the same satisfaction as singing to it. LOL. Feel so pro cuz I can sing/rap (LOL I'm such a badass) most of Oasis and all of Bad Girl except for like half a line. CUZ SERIOUSLY, HE SAYS/RAPS SMTH AND IT'S SO FAST, WTFREAK. :L

OH. Jackie said that Edward says to me, Hi, and I like your blog. And I say, Hi! :D Aw, thanks for reading. :P

What the freak! U-Kiss' maknae Dongho (top left) is only 15?!

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