544 / Shredded Shirts

I got bored just before so I shredded an old white t-shirt that I stopped wearing cuz it was too long. So I cut off the seams and like 3-4cm of the shirt and shredded a triangle-ish-kinda-not-really panel on the right hand side. I would have taken a photo if my camera didn't inconveniently run out of battery right as I decided to start shredding, so yeah. Haha. Ooh, DP studded her shorts. Hmm, what I really need right now, I reckon, is a good camera. Then I could take photos that don't all look the same, and don't have to be taken with a mirror. :(

I really need to sleep earlier! :O Even though school's back and everything .. Like, I've been sleeping at 2am-5:30am. On the day back at school, I only slept at like 3:15am! :( So I've gotta like fix up my sleeping times and shit, ughh.

Hmm, I wanna get a clutch. And even though I said I liked the small ones, I think I like the bigger ones now, cuz you can't really hold a small one between your elbow and your body. Y'know? LOL. Like how some people hold their clutches and stuff kinda in their armpit/between their elbow against their body? LOL. Yeah, so it'd look silly if someone did that when they just had a little clutch, HAHA. But ugh, I like Angela's one from Sportsgirl. This is FML, I like Angela's stuff too much. LOL.

I really like Man Man Ha Ni by U-Kiss. Like, it's really catchy, man, omgsh. :0 Had it stuck in my head for like 4 hours this morning, LOL. T__T"" And I don't have Jiggy stuck in my head nemore, it's Man Man Ha Ni. But I tried learning the lyrics and it was kinda hard, especially cuz the site I was looking at with lyrics was like .. Idk. It'll be like that for all K-Pop songs I learn. Even B2ST. At first it's like, What the freaak, but then you get it and can follow where they're up to. And I can do that for all of Bad Girl (B2ST) except for one line and Oasis (B2ST) except for the first half of the rapping. LOL. But gg, I can keep up with Junhyung's rapping, LOL.

Oh yeah, I also added a wishlist last night, it's on my Profile page. :D

And I forgot to mention that, haha, I gave up on one of my new year's resolutions, where I had to go vegetarian for one day a week, cuz I kept forgetting to do it, and my mum was actually really against it, omg. She's all like, Omg, if you're gonna go vegetarian, it won't be good for you, you'll lose so much protein, that you need since you're so skinny, blah blah, don't do it, I'm totally against you doing it even though that's not what I'm literally saying but that's what I'm implying, blah. So I gave up on that, pshh. But omg, I'm not joking, but when I said I'd do at least 250 sit ups a week as a resolution (which I've kept, yep, haha), I didn't realise when I wrote it as a resolution that eventually I'd get a sit pack which is really not hot? LOL. O__OO Like I thought, Oh yeah, 150 sit ups a week sounds too pussy, make it 250, that way, I'll have a flat stomach and everything, and then later on I realised, Omg wut, I'll get a six pack, wtf, LOL. So yeah, that was kinda fail, I'll have to keep it up, though. :L

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