Wear do you buy your singlets they look mad.

Aw, thanks! Um, I'm assuming you're saying that cuz of the photo on my Profile page on my blog .. Cuz in those photos I'm wearing:
1. Ladakh slashed singlet from Globalise. It's not gonna be there nemore, I totally got the last one, HAHA, was full worried someone was gonna buy it while I had to save up, LOL. $28 down from $35. It's pretty long, too. :0

2. Navy LINE singlet from General Pants Co, it's my brother's and not mine. The singlet is really long, though, man. Like crazy, LOL. LINE singlets are really cheap, they're like $20-$30, I think, and there's always a kinda sale on them, I think like 2 for $30 or things like that. :) There are variations of it, like .. a light marle but the pocket is a different block colour, or stripes with a block colour for the pocket. Just check the site, haha. :)

3. Agent 99 cropped stripe singlet. You can get it in a darker version, like black with darker grey stripes or smth, and there's this kinda ugly coloured one no offence, LOL, it's like orchid and smth else. Grey? Idk, but it's ugly, and what's on the site looks like red or smth, last time I checked, newais. Oh, it was like $30.

4. Agent 99 plain black singlet? Lol, it looks cropped cuz I like twisted it on one side and kinda tucked that part under, so it'd be shorter and stuff, LOL. It was 2 for $30, I think, so I got a white one and a black one. And btw, those shorts I'm wearing are my sister's, LOL, full had to wear a belt so it'd fit, haha, they didn't even have my size in those shorts, couldn't even fit XXS, fml! But yeah, that's just a plain black singlet from GPC.

So Idk, I get my singlets from anywhere, tbh. Lol.

Genevieve are you there?

Um, no. According to Formspring, this was asked an hour ago, and an hour ago, I was sleeping. Weird, yeah! I slept after dinner, haha, and I only woke up a few minutes ago. Ughh, so .. groggy. :( I'm there/here, but I'm gonna go away after these Formspring replies to get a drink and maybe something to eat LOL and then back to the couch or something. o__o LOL. I'm really losing heaps and heaps of Formspring questions, FML. Ask me stuff, people. :( LOL.

I don't get the pepsi thing ? o_o

If you get 5 Pepsi minus 3 Pepsi, then what would you have left? Since Pepsi is just like a liquid, you'll get Pepsi left.

Cuz the person that said that was like 'What's 5 Pepsi minus 3 Pepsi', and expecting an answer of 2 Pepsi, said 'Wrong, it's Pepsi!', which is true, cuz like Pepsi's just a liquid. So Pepsi could potentially be a correct answer, rather than 2 Pepsi.

It's like the '3 men take x days to dig a hole, how many men does it take to dig half a hole', when half a hole is a hole anyway. LOL.

Haha, that CoUNTry road thing was clever HAHA, looks full mad!

Haha, I know right! LOL. Keke, I like how it has 'drips', haha. :D!

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