541 / Day 1 Term 1, 2010

Oh no, I lost a follower on Blogger. Oh well, I never checked who it was anyway. LOL.

So school was today, and I was worried I wasn't going to wake up in time? Nah, I totally woke up on time, with my alarm and everything, but out of habit, I fell asleep again while waiting for the shower but woke up at 7:08am, and showered, got out at 7:15am and whatevs, things were good. :D Decided not to buy a coffee, cuz then I wouldn't be able to get a bottle of water as well, LOL. Got off at the stop outside Westfields and walked to the station, cuz I don't like getting to the station so early, LOL. Water is $1.50 now, omg, and all the prices are higher. TT"

Um, we didn't have that morning assembly, Idk why, haha, but yeah, just went to period 1 and talked until period 2. Maths, ugh. Dillon is such a .. Ugh. And apparently they're gonna be way stricter on uniform, now? I don't know if they'll actually be that anal about it, but I really hope they don't. Cuz FML, I don't wanna wear fricken leather lace ups unless they're brogues, cuz school shoes make me feel short and stumpy. UGH.

Oh yeah, we have several new people in our group/grade. Oh, and Geerling just pointed right at Kabhi and was like, You have a bad haircut, LOL. Um, so in our group I think we have 4 new people. I didn't really talk to them, hm. Gahh, Angela's such a rich cunt, I want a fricken Gluestore membership card! :( And I found my glitter pens last night and outlined 'cunt' in Country Road LOL. I'll upload a photo someday, haha.

Hmm. We did some basic dance-y-ish stuff today in double PE. Full mad cuz I've got it with 10I. Oh, and this year, I've been reminded that it's school cert year, we do preg testing this year and we've gotta do our PE dance assessments. Yayy.

Too lazy to Tumblr, haha.

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