I've already answered this on Formspring, but

your photos .. like the ones of you in the mirror are really amazing. you should consider modelling/photography :)

Thank you! :D Haha. So like, I really wanna shred a shirt. So I should buy a white shirt. Maybe a grey one, just for a change. And yeah, shred it. And I wanna get these boots from Dotti and a Nike bag from Insport and stud them. Oh, and make a Chanel shirt. :D Oh yeah, I also got bored and made a 4-photo collage of my photos, it's on my profile page, but the dimensions piss me off, lol, so small. Soo, things to do:

1 Buy studs off eBay. Oh, I did that. Hah.
2 Buy a grey or white tee to shred.
3 Buy Nike bag and Dotti boots. Yeah.

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