539 / Everything's okay, right?

Oh, my dad left to go to the airport today. He's going to Melbourne to attend his cousin's wedding. This morning was cool. I don't know why, haha, but it was cool. :P I can't fucken believe today's our last day of holidays! That's so bullshit, man, and I still have 100 sit ups to do, and then I would've finished my 3.5k. But seriously, tomorrow I'm going to have to wake up early. Fuck this. LOL. Oh! To the person on Formspring that asked me if I had Makenae Rebellion with MBLAQ then YES, I HAVE IT NOW, HAHA. :D

067. Everything's gonna be okay, right? Nothing's gonna be different? :S I don't know if what we did was good for us. But promise things will be okay? (And lol you made me promise you something, I don't remember what it was, but it was nothing too big, haha.)

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