hi genevieve :D youre awesome

Oh why thank you! :D!

But i can't hint it because it's not really a secret because it's not worth being a secret. It's not juicy enough, it's stupid. I'm not meant to tell anyone but i don't think they'd care if i did. You should watch Julie and Julia. It's good :D

Then .. why issert a secret? LOL. Just tell them, then. :L I guess. Ooh, that's the movie with cooking and stuff. (GG, I actually know what the movie is about for once, LOL.)

KFC review - This place is BAWLIN' yo. Chicken nuggitz be cripsy like you never SEEN. I tasted one and I was like "WHAAAT! Are you serious?" Means girls workin the friers tho. This chick wouldnt even let me holla. I was like "please you ugly anyway".


Umm, from the question about the year 9s, I think you're talking about Mary and her Mossimo jumper. & I hope we, as a group don't aren't annoying or anything. Sorry if we are. :$

Oh, so this is a message from the year 9 group that's right next to mine? LOL, why would you guys annoy us or anything, lolol, you guys are fine. :L Well, if her hair is long, and .. it's layered? I think? Then it should be her. If you want, you can tell her I like her jumper. LOL.

Your country bag looks nice :D

It just doesn't look dirty, LOL, but since I scrubbed one side more than the other, one side is like lighter than the other. :(

Are you excited to come back to school =P

HONESTLY, NO. I've been sleeping way late, waking up way late. I set alarms at 15 minute intervals this morning, starting at 7:15am and ending at 9:30am, and even then, I didn't even wake up properly. LOL. :( :(!!! But that's cuz no one else was awake, and even if I got up then what would I do anyway? So I hope I wake up early enough for school, fricken hell. ><

My friends judge me for wearing eyeliner >__< but i like wearing it *sign*

Aww, that's so slack of your friends! D: Like so if you wear eyeliner, they're all like, Oh wtf, why's she wearing eyeliner, does she think she's all hot, or smth? Oh, well, actually, just .. do whatever. LOL. Seriously. Cuz this is highschool and in the end, everyone's (not really everyone) wearing makeup. LOL. Aaannndd if you wear it enough, they'll get over it, and they'll know you don't care if they judge you.

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