542 / Gee

Lol I had Gee by SNSD stuck in my head for like the whole day. Ask me shit on Formspring! :O Full losing heaps of questions, ughh. :( Link here. Fuck, so sleepy atm. During Truong, Sir was just explaining stuff and I was sooo fricken tired. Like when I do the work I'm not feeling tired or anything, just when he was explaining stuff. --'

Things to do:
1 LEARN HOW TO DANCE LOL: Gee (SNSD), Abracadabra (Brown Eyed Girls), Sorry Sorry (Super Junior), Man Man Ha Ni (U-Kiss).

2 BUY MORE STUDS OFF EBAY and get some for Eugene, haha.

3 SAVE UP and buy a pair of boots, a bag, a singlet and shorts.

4 SHRED A TEE but buy a tee first, probably, haha.

5 fucking sleep.

This post sucks cuz I'm really sleepy and I wrote like half and then looked around on eBay and forgot to post the rest and yeah.

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