I don't know if I mentioned this before, but yay, I like my new layout! Not really new, but mega changed/edited. Anyway, if anyones wondering, then the changes are pretty much done, and I might just change the pictures on my profile link, cuz .. Idk. The photos there are getting old, but it's not like people have taken new ones. Like, there's that group photo of us from Liza's, but I can't crop it to make it a square shape or .. Idk, like we take up too much of the photo? LOL. I don't know, man. :L

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VANESSA! :D Sent her a message at 12:03am, keke, totally wonder if she's still mega jet-lagged. :P Probs is. Probs isn't going tutor tonight, so I don't think I'm gonna see her for a while. And speaking of English tutor, I think I should be finishing that book I was reading from yesterday. I only have around forty-something pages left, shouldn't be that bad.

Oh what the fuck! I swear, when I started typing that paragraph for Vanessa (which was like straight typing without any pauses or anything, haha, omg), I pressed refresh on my tab with Tumblr, and wth, at the end of that paragraph I have 13 updates already? TT"

Uggh, it's almost 1 and my hair's still wet from my shower. Which would mean that I woke up/got out of bed later, gahh. TT" My friend was meant to wake me up at 9:30am LOL, but noo, they didn't. I've been sleeping really late, gah, and it's kinda bad cuz now I can't sleep until it's late; so my body's adjusted to sleeping at 3am-5am? :O

063. Four heartbreaks on the same day? :S Hope all of you are alright.

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