Fuck, I blog too fucking much. Cuz I have totally nothing that I want to do right now, even though there really are things to do. And I actually felt like blogging, so yeah. I'm not going to finish my to-do list for the holidays, cuz there's just no chance of us going to Ikea anytime. Dayum. And I'm not gonna end up selling my shit on eBay, cuz I've just become lazy.

Anyway, Avishay's party on Friday is cancelled. This is potentially good for me, cuz now I can maybe go out sometime during the week .. Hopefully I can, anyway.

I was totally gonna blog about something important. Like I totally thought of something, but now I don't remember .. Oh yeah. Well, I totally just thought of this now, but I was probably going to blog it some other way anyway, haha.

Anyway, y'know when (OMG, totally remember what I was meant to blog about, I was meant to say that I liked In My Room and Replay by SHINee, which is pronounced like, 'shiny', according to a commerical-y thing that featured B2ST, and they said SHINee like 'shiny', haha.) things are going good in life, and obviously, it's going to go bad, right? Life is always up and down, right? Anyway, after my streak of being happy with life and love and everything, things have slowly started to decline, and yeah. Sooo, I feel lonely right now. :(

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