Ooh, I just got my timetable in the mail! :P Yvy's really complaining that our teachers suck, haha, and I realised that I've had like every single one of them at some point, except for like two? Haha, but I think they shouldn't be that bad .. At least we don't have Mahfouz, cuz that'd be terrible, I'd fail even more at science. :S It's actually pretty similar to my year 7 timetable, cuz the teachers. And FUCK, I have double PE first day back, in periods 3 and 4. FML FML. Oh yeah, I'm still in A1, which is really good. LOL. :D

Science Coombes
MathsA1 Dillon + Rawson
PE Thomas
Ag McCord
Art Ross
HSIE Milner, Pollock
Commerce Minor Kearney
English Smith

Hmm, I don't have English on day 1. How weird. Cuz I don't see any double English anywhere. But that could be cuz I'm not really looking that hard. LOL. But hmm, I guess my teacher's aren't thaat bad? Full wish I had Hughes and Hancock, though, omg, cuz they are like the maddest teachers out LOL. O__O

Fricken Formspring replies aren't getting through. CUZ I'M CAPPED! FARRROUTT. It's so annoying to load things (Tumblr, Formspring, omg) and MSN is just really annoying to go on. Fricken hell. Stupid Genvin, downloading all this shit, farout. Cuz we're like NEVERRR capped, faroutttt!

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