Because of Formspring and attempt to balance the content of my posts, how many times have I ended up blogging today! :O Anyway, I was reading The Picture Of Dorian Gray, and only made it a few pages into the Introduction before I decided to blog/change my layout. :S I have to finish the book by Monday's tutor, though, haha. Hopefully we don't have to do work on it, cuz I might have forgotten/not paid attention to the plot of the book. Which actually has a high chance of happening, tbh. :I And it's kinda weird how I haven't gotten hatemail on Formspring yet? That's not asking for hatemail, I'm just saying ..

Anyway, I can almost guarantee that most of you aren't gonna like the changes I'm going to make to my layout. I plan to:
1. Add a photo (that will probably be changed once in a while)

2. Delete archives page and move archives to somewhere else

3. Update profile, haha

4. Stop entries from automatically appearing on my page. Idk how to explain it, but an example of this is Tracey's blog. If you go to her page, her entries aren't there, and only come up when you click 'Entries'. Same goes with Christie's blog.

5. Delete sidebar. :O!

So things are gonna be reaaally different .. I'll just change to my newer/more updated layout now. I don't think you guys are gonna like this. Sorry. :S :S!

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