NO ! G , dont get rid of your archives :( what if i miss out on one day, and that day happens to be the last day of the month, and then i can never see the post from before :@ you have to think about these things before you make such a drastic change

Oh hahaha, don't worry! I just meant I'll delete the page, but I'll move the archives section to where my entries are! So don't worry, hahaha. :P But I'm making crazy changes to my layout.. Not sure if you guys would like it. Or it'd take getting used to. Like, I can almost assure you that like 50%+ of you guys won't like the new layout. But SUCK IT, HAHA. Cus I changed some stuff, but apparently I didn't click Save Changes, but I saved my layout before and after I changed it on separate notepad documents, haha. :P

omgomgomgomg you're just so nice, genevieve <3

Aww, thanks. :D!

I think Mr. X is actually gay. Maybe he is?

Oh. Really? LOL, at least you're over him, if that turns out to be true, ahahaha. :P Btw, are you guys friends?

When did you get your first period? O_O" How did you feel?

Errr, LOL. I actually got it in year 8, early year 8, ad I didn't tell people LOL. Anyway, I remember that in the morning I was like, Aw man, stomach ache, and then when I wnt bathroom and checked my panties, OH SNAPP, menarche (lol, only learnt that word from year 9 science) right there. AHAHAHA. But it wasn't like intense cramps or stomach aches or anything, hahaha. What an awkward thing to discuss on Formspring/Blogger LOLLL. ;_____;

Hi Genevieve. Is there anyone in your grade that you hate/strongly dislike?

Hi! I've honestly been trying to change, letting go of silly grudges and that kinda stuff, so what I'd want to tell you is that I don't hate anyone in my grade. But yeah, I was thinking about an answer and yes, there's someone I really don't like (not hate, though, that's way harsh). Um, I won't say names or anything, but I think the things they say and the way they're said are just so rude and conceited. And kinda pointless. Like if someone came up to you and said, 'I have longer song titles than you', what the hell are you meant to say in response?!

Do you know of any good places in melbourne?

I've never been to Melbourne .. I hear the shopping there is heaps good, though! :P

Does drinking a lot of water everyday (approx. 2L a day) help reduce blemishes?

Um, I think in theory it would. I wouldn't be able to tell you, basing it on my skin, cuz I've been sleeping really late for the last few days, which is probably messing up my already not that great skin anyway. :( But drinking water is good for you, so if you're considering then go for it, for sure! :D

So if Lawrence/Nick is the womaniser, then who's the ....maniser LOL

'Maniser' looks so funny, LOL. If I glimpse it, first two things I think of are 'Manisay' and 'Manisier', hahaha. Hmm.. I don't know. Really. Cuz I'm thinking, Who does heaps of guys like, and there are heaps of people, I reckon, haha. Like, I know heaps of people (not neccessarily from our grade/school) have liked Danica, and possibly Grace, from what she complains to me about, LOL. But then I'm think about people like Ashley, and people have liked her too (from what I've heard). And Angela, too, and heaps more people. So I wouldn't really be able to pinpoint the one 'maniser', hahaha. :P

are you happy ?

Course I am, babeeeee. ^O^

G ! change to graphics so we can be in the same class!

Graphics .. Who's the teacher, and what do you even do in it? I've got commerce, man, hahaha. True Asian :D. LOL. Who's doing graphics so far?

omg G, blog something rather than formspring questions please :)

SORRY! >< I just keep getting questions, and it ends up outnumbering the number of normal posts I post. I'll make an effort to try and create a balance? But note that schools resuming soon, I'm not sure how often I should be blogging, haha. :P

OMG ! YOU BEAT EUGENE ! you have 5 more than him :D all thanks to me :) no need to thank me :L

LOL, thanks Liza. ;____; HAHAHA.


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