How are you today?

Well, I only woke up just then and had a shower just then .. I guess I'm alright? I have to finish reading a book by English tutor tomorrow, and it's also Vanessa's birthday tomorrow .. so I'm kinda screwed with some things (reading a book, etc). Ughh! ><

*** BY THE WAY, someone posted me 'don't answer this :)' so that's why I didn't answer and therefore deleted it? Lolol. ***

this layout will need a lot of time to get use to. Sorry. :( I think I like your old layout more,but it doesn't mean I don't hate this. :)

Mm, I don't think I'm used to it yet either, haha, cuz I still wait for it to load and expect the navigation to be higher up on the page. :L Um, 'but it doesn't mean I don't hate this,' means you hate this, LOL. What you said confused me so much, cos you added a smiley face and I'm like, Whaaa? LOL. Sorry, I knew people wouldn't like it. ><

when is it going to be finished ? the layout i mean

Oh.. no idea, LOL. Depends how much I can get on the computer, and by the looks of it, Genvin's got extension 2 work to do .. But I think it's almost done? :S

are you good at tetris?

Used to be better. :(

Have you ever been to a house with a kitchen upstairs?

Oh wow, nope! But that would be pretty cool. Well, cool as in, it'd be different and like, 'Whaa, a kitchen UPSTAIRS?!?!', but it'd probably be really inconvenient. I think? :L

have you eva used a tampon

Nope. I've honestly only TOUCHED one once, and it still had the wrapper .. thing? :L

i think i know the person that you really dislike, yeah he is annoying == . graphics.. idk what you do in it, but we have Mr Heracic.

Yep, cos I made it obvious who it was, HAHA. Hmm, who else is doing graphics? Cos I know for commerce, I have Wendy, I think Michelle, Nicholas and Anh? :P

it's too long to explain in this short box xD I can't tell them they're annoying me, it wouldn't end good. Ty anyway, you're good at giving advice. :D

Hmm .. Cuz if they're pissing everyone else off as well, then you should tell them. :L Haha, thanks! :D

You're hot. LOL. :D

Thaaankss! :D

how far have you gone with a guy ?

Far. :S Know that I'm still a virgin, oks?


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