Man, I love Formspring! :D Hahaha. Sorry how there were just posts with only one question, lol, cuz I couldn't get on MSN or anything and was only on Formspring. :P

Genvin got his timetable today. Oddly enough, I didn't. We went to Hoxton Park's Officeworks for their really crap back to school sale which isn't even good. Seriously. Everything's so fucking expensive this year, don't know what the freak happened. Anyway, as my mum parked the car, I saw these three guys come out with like bags of stuff. They were walking to their car which was a few spots away from ours.

It was Shadman, Nibraas and one of their dads. LOL. They saw me in the car and I was laughing my ass off. But that's fricken weird, man, don't they live in East Hills area? LOL. And Nibraas saw me at Livo Westfield's Woolies with my sis. HOW WEIRD, MAN, LOL.

I have tator tots and had chicken nuggets earlier. LOL. I love Napoleon Dynamite! :D And got Truong in less than 40 minutes. Cramming all my studying now, LOL. :( I also stayed up very late watching MBLAQ be cute on Idol Army. They are very, very cute. :D!

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