i got my timetable :)

My brother got his today! And I DIDN'T. :OO!

"Please don't stop."

I can't tell if you want me to explain that, if you're saying that to me or .. what. LOL.

But if I explained it, I'll say that don't worry about it, cos I think things are going to be alright. If you're saying it to me, then I'll say that I won't anytime soon. :)

yerh i have blog :D http://www.jenneecee.blogspot.com/I'm not international which sucks right? cos it'd be so cool if I found out about your blog and I was from like a foreign country yerh?

Whoa, you're so right, that'd be full mad, LOL.

OMG, I totally had Heartbeat stuck in my head before! Kekeke. :D Omg, you seem pretty cool, man. AND HIGH FIVE, MBLAQ ARE CUTE AZZZ! ^^ Ooh, I'll have to check out your blog properly another time, though .. Keke, cuz I'm like eating LOL.

But you seem like a cool kid! :DD!

if you could pick any class other than yours to be in, which class would you choose ?

Oooh .. I reckon 9E seems pretty cool. Seriously. Cuz it has most of the cool kids that I hang around with, haha. 9I wouldn't be too bad .. I don't really know, actually. :S Cuz I'm not that social, so I don't know how I'd go with new people. :S :O

haaaave you met ted?

Nop. :o

AJ is so sexy *drowns in drool*

Come on, man, you know Dong Woon is better! Hahaha. B2ST are pretty good in looks, though, I reckon. Everyone is cool except for Bowlcut guy. No offence at how I don't know his name, I just get his name and the rapper's name mixed up.

MBLAQ are cute. Very cute. :D

Being single is the best! No worries, no drama LOL.

I know right! Totally agree with you. I miss having a boyfriend, though. And y'know what I realised? I've always had a crush or been dating someone since mid year 8! How crazy is that, haha. But having a partner is cool, cuz you get cuddles. HAHAHA. :D:D:D!

What's the secret to being skinny? :L

You have to have an eating disorder.

LOL, I'M TOTALLY JOKING. :L Cuz I've always been skinny, even when I was a kid and stuff, so I guess it's natural for me to be skinny (atm)? I eat a lot and I don't know why I don't gain weight, it's just like that. Cuz I eat whatever and whenever. That's not saying I eat all this crap just cuz I can, though, haha. I've been drinking heaps of water for the past week or so. At least 1.8L+ a day.

1. how do you feel about the fact the eugene is totally in love with you and posts it all over his blog? EVERYONE knows. How does that make you feel?2. Do you think you are to good for him?3. Have you ever liked him?4. Would you consider going out w

Okay, honest responses:
1. Sometimes I find it annoying, but it's been ages since he told me, so it's not that big a deal nemore, I guess? Like it's just kinda weird sometimes when I have to give him advice when really, I have no idea what the freak I'm meant to tell him. And it's weird when he says things that .. friends would say to each other, but since I know he likes me, I know he means it in a different way (things like 'I love you' and stuff). And I know everyone knows, haha, it's pretty crazy. O___O

2. Nope. Eugene's a pretty cool kid, and we get along most the time. It's kinda weird cuz he's younger than me, so that's almost immediately nty. (Lol, sorry.)

3. Never more than friends! So many people have asked this, and seriously, seriously, seriously, I have never liked him more than friends! D: And people are like teasing me about liking him, omg, that's so annoying, man. SERIOUSLY. :O And cuz they ask me if I like him, WHILE I'M DATING/LIKING SOMEONE ELSE. Like seriously, guys, you know that I like someone else, and Eugene's just a good friend. ;___;

4. I wouldn't consider going out with someone I don't have feelings for, so that'd be a no.


But I hardly watch tv! :P

How do you know if someone likes you in a romantic way, without them actually telling you?

Umm, well for all the times I knew someone liked me, it was cause they were either really obvious and/or told me. Really, it depends on whether the person wants you to know or not. Like, it was only late last year when I found out one of my friends liked me almost 3 years ago. So it depends if the person is obvious about it/wants you to know. Um, but maybe if they keep trying to talk to you, or just wanna hang around with you a lot, then that might mean they like you for more than just friendS? Hmmm .. Or maybe the way they look at you. I don't really get this one, but some of my friends have said things like, 'I can tell by the way he looks at you'. Oh, and the way they act around you. :D Hope that helped, but I don't think it did LOL.

Ask/tell me anything! :D

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