Liza's party was good! Liza waterbombed my crotch when I got there. Yay. :I LOL And I cbb to totally blog about this in full detail, btw.

+ Water bomb fight = me, Wendy, Margaret, Christie and Michelle hiding out in various places around the house. And we were like hiding out, and turned all the roller shades down and it was all dark and everything, LOL. Far, it got really hot in there, though. :L Was so funny, man. And Margaret/Wendy bending over to check the crack underneath the door = Christie's opportunity to take ass photos. HAHAHAHAHA. :D

+ Sardines = We stopped playing when Wendy went home, which was at like 4:30pm. That was pretty cool, keke. :P

+ Truth Or Dare which was just dare = Liza knocking and running from her neighbours which didn't end up opening the door, and that's it, I think. HAHAHAHA.

+ Oh, we had a DNM. LOL. Not really. We sat around the table and ate chicken and spring rolls and played I Never with apple juice. Why do I always end up drinking sooo fricken much. :( CUZ NO ONE ELSE PLAYS PROPERLY HAHAHA, TT".

+ Umm. Okay, so we left at like, almost 6 or something? Me and Christie got rides from Danica, and after dropping Christie home, me and Danica went to Cabra for a bit. I really had to pee cuz bitches make me drink sooo much @ I Never, LOL. And Danica made us run across streets and stuff so we wouldn't have to wait for crossings, but omg I had to pee. LOL. :( But yeah, after Woolies we went to a restaurant and I went thereee. Bussed it back to her place at around 7pm. Hung around for a while on MSN, Lookbook and Facebook. And omg, Danica kept her air cond on and I was like freezing LOL. Webcammed with Troy. Hmm, Idk, we went downstairs for dinner sometime? And I spent like ages trying to find Danica's light switch while she was in the bathroom? LOL. O__O'

+ Umm, Ken came over later. But yeah, he was only there for like 10 minutes before I had to leave. And some of Danica/Ken 's friends walked over and wanted a jacket LOL. O__O

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