I'm thinking about this thing I read on Tumblr. It said that, when you cry because of sadness or grief or anything like that, then the first tear would fall from your left eye, and if you cry because of happiness, then the first would fall from your right. Anyway, I've noticed that it's true. Someone else try that out, yeah? Tell me if that's how it is for you, hahah. :)

My sister woke me from my really good dream this morning. Makes me wish I had a boyfriend, LOL. :$

I went Livo with my sister and mum today. After they'd figured out all their bank accounts and stuff, me and my sister looked around Livo. There was this nice necklace at Diva, and it was $5 down from $14.99. It's an envelope, and inside is a plate with 'I love you' engraved into it, and the silver chain is pretty fine. Anyway, since I didn't have any money, I managed to convince my sister to get it, haha, and since she bought it, we can share it! Wow, I'm smooth. HAHAHA. But after that, we went thrift shopping. At Vinnies, there was a 50% off books sale, and I got a small, small book for $0.25 down from $0.50. It's called Jesus Loves, and it's pretty cute, haha. It's part of an 8-part series, and they're all little stories with cute, colourful pictures about Jesus. Ngaaw. :) It's kinda crapped up, but I'll take photos of it sometime, keke. :P Oh no, I lost a follower on Tumblr! How terrible, haha. I only had 32, now 31, anyway. :P

Things I need to save up for:
going out; black leather boots from Dotti ($59.95); black Havaianas ($19.95-$29.95); black Nike carry-all ($59.95)

I really love her eye makeup! :O Makes her look so cute, hahaha. I wanna be cute like that. LOL.

▲ 061. Thank you. Sorry. Don't stop. I miss you. I hope you're not mad at me. I'm kinda worried. And scared, yep.

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