Looks like it's gonna be pretty hot today. Farout. :I I should actually be going Liza's, or be there right now, but my mum went out for a checkup at 11am, so I have to wait till she gets back before I can leave to go Liza's. :I Genvin went for a shower, I checked and replied my message on Formspring and I have nothing to do.

Newais. I don't really wanna mention this again, but what if I go to my blog like ages from now cuz I'm looking back and might wanna know? Yeah, haha, so I kinda just checked up on that photo via bonesandstyle, umm, I don't think you guys really care, but note to self, for the record, blah blah blah, it has 928 notes. Yay! Don't think Lookbook likes the look, though. :0

I really wanna decorate my wall! :0 This is another reason why I need a camera. Cuz I could easily just print out the three thousand+ photos I've saved off Tumblr, but I'd possibly get sick of them cuz it's not even people I know, man. It's still an option, haha, but I'd just rather get photos of us looking happy and stuff. :) And at parties and shit. Even though I never take photos with Danica cuz she's a little slut and will aim her camera at her and will totally cut you out of it (LOL), I think we should take more photos! :0

Shit! I just realised Tumblr looks different. Oh wow, it's a lot easier now. Mm, yeah, it's pretts mad. C:

Just found this blog with clothes, loll. http://shopployy.blogspot.com/

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