1 I need a haircut. My hair has full grown out and it looks crappy. It'd be easier to have short hair, but long hair looks better. So I have to do some shit about my stupid hair right now, looks so gay. It's actually around my shoulders. I think. Short hair is full badass, like those unisex cuts. Like, the unisex cuts that are like guy cuts but .. Hm, it's like the guy who dresses good that works at Globalise in Livo, but not that long. Or hair like that hot guy I saw at Livo, omgsh .. C:

2 Um. Was gonna say smth .. Oh yeah, I wanna learn the dance for Gee by SNSD. But I think I only wanna learn it cuz MBLAQ did it and it was funny. Keke.

4 I've got Heartbeat by 2PM stuck in my head. Oh, and I was watching when MBLAQ danced that as well, and Joon is a good dancer. Btw, I have no idea who the MBLAQ members are, and I had to Google up their names just then. LOL. But he's a good dancer, man. :)

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