I'm full bored, yeah. I'm feeling so lazy, I can't be bothered reblogging on Tumblr. Hmm. I wanna change my layout. Don't like the archives part. Oh yeah, I saw this guy at Valley Plaza with a Drop Dead singlet. Kinda sucks that he wasn't too hot, haha. Anyway, I'll just compile a list of things I want/are pretty, haha. (And btw, all the labels on what the items are, are links.) Oh yeah, 2PM are pretty good. :) Um, I don't think they're hot. :I

Btw, I don't expect people to go through all the links I'm adding, cuz it's pretty long. :O Unless you really wanna know what kinda clothes and accessories I'm into, or you're really bored or smth. LOL.


9 UO Faceted Locket US$14.99, was US$28
10 Mixed Metal Stacked Rings US$9.99, was US$24
11 DEENA & OZZY Slouchy Ankle Boot US$49.99, was US$68
12 DEENA & OZZY Belted Bootie US$39.99, was US$68

1 BB DAKOTA Julianne US$59.99, was US$72
2 Zip Pocket Tee US29.99, was US$36
3 SENACA RISING Sadler Tank US$29.99, was US$80

1 ADIDAS Crazy Badass Kicks [LOL I'm not jk, they're really fkn badass] US$80
3 ADIDAS Missy E Fly Hoops Mid US$54.95, was US$85
6 INSIGHT Tough Love Jacket US$69.95, was US$80

Cbb to do the rest. LOL. What a crap post. :I

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