I've got Chemicals Collide by Boys Like Girls stuck in my head. How weird, I haven't listened to anything that's not Asian in a while, hahaha.

Yesterday, I really really felt like baking cupcakes but I didn't, cos it was like 7:40pm or something and I was meant to be boiling rice for dinner. And then later on at night, I felt like making cookies with M&M's in it. Like, not just choc chips, they had to be M&M's. LOL. Cuz they're so much prettier like that. Anyway, my mum said she'd go Valley Plaza with me but neither of us have gotten changed and she said that like an hour ago. LOL. But I still wanna make cookies so I'll go sometime.

Genvin downloaded Cooking Mama onto his iPod last night, so me and my sister were just playing. I reaaally suck it Cooking Mama, no jokes, LOL. But yeah, we actually stayed up pretty late on just Cooking Mama. Like, we stayed up till 2:15am playing, LOL, then my sis went to sleep and I played it for like 15 minutes more and then my friend called and yeah, talked to them.

Um.. I got all this K-Pop yesterday. But fucking hell, my iPod got fricken messed and I have to import everything onto it again. Farout. Fml. Lost all my playcounts, playlists and everything. Fuck you. LOL. Like it's just reaaally annoying cuz I don't even know where most of my files are. But the losing playlists thing actually really annoys me. :I

Things to do these holidays:
1. Write a resume. (I should post that up for you guys, huh.)
2. Sell old clothes on eBay.
3. Gain weight (be 47kg).
4. Save up to spree. Done: during the whole fkn holidays haha
5. Make a new year's resolution. Done: 2nd-3rd January 2010
6. Go swimming at least once.
7. Go to another party. :D
8. Catch up with Jacqueline and Jennifer. Done: 31st December 2009-1st January 2010
9. Get over # for sure LOL. Done: Idk when
10. New earphones/headphones. Done: 23rd December 2009
11. Learn lyrics for Bad Girl (Done: Idk when) and Oasis.
12. Attempt to learn Bad Girl dance.
13. Clear up my room (get rid of single mattress, change bedspread, put clothes where they belong).
14. Go to Ikea (get a bookshelf, decorate room).
15. 3 500 sit ups/crunches: 14 (x100) done
16. Get foundation/concealer. Done: 16th December 2009
17. Get make up remover. Done: 31st December 2009
18. Do some charity/volunteer work.
19. Go thrift shopping.

3:35pm Came back from Valley Plaza. My mum walks slow. :I Making cookies.

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