#026 Watch 26 movies I have never seen before, starting with each letter of the alphabet. (5/26)

A: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Got it off Mel's external hard drive, and the movie's pretty good I rkn, haha. Total chick flick, though, cuz me and Genvin were watching it a few nights ago and he said it was really shit and he didn't wanna watch it. LOL. But Robbie is a beast. :D

H: The Hangover
Omg some parts of this movie is just so fricken random LOL. Like wtf @ the Asian guy? :I But yeah, it's a pretty good movie, hahaha.

S: Stepbrothers
Farr, this movie is frkn GG LOL. Full funny, man, and it's so funny when they sleepwalk. I didn't really pay attention to the ending that much, though. But it's good, watched the first half like heaps of times, keke. :P

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
Okay, believe it or not but this was like the first time I'd ever sat down and watched Spongebob ever. LOL. Shhhhh.. :0 It's such a good movie, farout, Patrick is sooo fkn cute. Okay but to be 100% honest, I didn't want the whole movie. So I guess this doesn't really count, but whatevs, I already have one for 'S'.

T: Transformers
Err, so I kinda watched TF2 before the first one. LOL. But omg, it's sooooo good. Like, after watching Transformers, I like Megan Fox more? LOL. Like I don't think she's such a slut nemore? Hahaha. But it's like a really good movie, omg. :D

U: Up

Like honestly I didn't want to watch this movie at first, but it's actually a good movie. And omg, one part is soo sad, like I would actually cry kinda sad. LOL. It's when he's at Paradise Falls (Omg, that's what it's called, right? Lol) and he's looking through Ellie's Adventure book thing, and he sees all the photos Ellie added in 'What I'm going to do there' and aww, so sad. :0 It's a good movie, though. :D

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